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random thoughts

So I've been doing a lot of thinking.  And resting.  And praying.  And reflecting.

I can't believe I am a grandmother- with two more grandbabies on the way!  I can't believe I am 44 years old and no one in my family needs a car seat.  I had no idea time would truly keep going and that I would be where I am now wondering what just happened and how the last 25 years flew by. 

It makes me thankful for choices I made in those younger years that are contributing to the feeling of purpose and fulfillment I have now.

I am thankful that I had children.  Eight of them actually.  And each one a blessing- even the one waiting for me in heaven.I am thankful that I invested in my marriage through all the hard, tiring, messy, little-kid days.  My relationship with Matt is something that I am beyond thankful for.  I am thankful that I spent time in God's Word almost every day.  Even when I could barely keep my eyes open.  I am now completely convinced of the faithfulness of God and kn…
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An inexpensive Friday night supper before grocery shopping at Costco. The boys go to youth group every Friday and I’m still getting used to the small size of our family at times!  Our new routines with  Leah and Micah are really fun though. I’m thankful for these moments! I know they’ll be over before I know it.


We ALL enjoy Elijah so much!  I never could have dreamed it would be this amazing to have a grandchild.  It's the best!

Watching the trash truck out the window.

Waving goodbye...

Not only is Elijah amazing- his mom is too!  She cares for him so intently and lovingly, feeds him the healthiest foods, is already teaching him about Jesus, and is just about the best mom I've ever seen.

field trip

There is a lady who lives around the corner from us who has a non-profit called Hoof Beats 4 Change.  She uses her ponies and horses as part of an equine assisted learning program.  She helps veterans with PTSD and women who are victims of domestic violence- as well as many others!  She had come up with a new idea for her program and wanted to try it out on someone before she implemented it.  We were glad to be guinea pigs!  It was WAY colder than we thought it would be, but it was a fun time.  Especially for Leah and Micah.  We ended the session with tea and hot chocolate- it was a great field trip :)

the white mountains

I think I will always remember the visit Matt and I had with Kelly and Andy.  They were in the area one Saturday and stopped by.  The house was super quiet- the quietest it had been in months.  The Halbach's presence was both calming and encouraging.  I felt like my dry soul was being watered!  Kelly and I share a love for horses and Andy and Matt talked up the upcoming Super Bowl....among many other things! 

As they were leaving, the told us about a timeshare they had and they were looking to share a few days.  We accepted their offer.  I had no idea how excited Leah and Micah would be about the mini-vacation we would be taking in 3 weeks.  They packed almost immediately! 

The timing of this was pretty incredible.  Our family needed the time away. 

This will definitely go down in the books as one of our very favorite family times! 

Right up until a couple of days before we were unsure if we'd be able to go because of my health.  My family was SO good to me!  Brianna came over…