Tuesday, May 16, 2017


I sometimes get doubts in my head about prayer.  I question if it "works".  Thankfully, God always reassures me and also reminds me that there is SO much more to prayer than just yes answers.

Last night I couldn't sleep.  (I should never have taken sudafed before bed!)  As I was just lying in bed with my eyes wide open I prayed for people.  I have friends who are going through some really hard things and I was lifting them to the Lord in prayer.  Subtly, that little thought crept into my mind- does God even hear you?  Is He even going to answer?

Just as quickly as my flesh or the enemy brought that thought, the Holy Spirit brought another one.  This was a story.  My story.

When I was around 8 years old, my family needed a new car.  Dad couldn't keep the old one running safely any longer.  I decided to pray.  First, I asked my Uncle Dean (whom I adored!) what his favorite color was.  He told me it was brown.  (I don't remember how I felt about that at the time, but I wonder if I was disappointed it was such a boring color!)  Anyway, after he told me that, I immediately began to pray for a brown 4-door car.  We had a 2-door hatch back at that point and I wished so bad for a car where I could open my door myself!  Within days, my dad came home saying he had found and bought a new (to us) car.  It was a brown 4-door!

Even at that age I knew God had answered my prayer.  My dad knew nothing of my wish and since he was paying cash for the car he couldn't be too picky!  That God cared about the desires of an 8 year old girl made an impact on me that I have never forgotten.

So last night I kept praying.  I know God heard and I know He will answer!

 (I don't have any idea what kind of car we got- but this picture is what I remember it looking like.)


Cameron and Jeremiah drove straight through the night to visit Brianna and Erik in Virginia.  Although Brianna had a medical issue while they were there that required a trip to the ER, they had a great time!

On the way home Cam and Jeb witnessed an accident on the highway.  A car was clipped by another car that was changing lanes and flipped.  Cameron was able to get to the scene and talk to the guy who was trapped in his vehicle.  While waiting for the ambulance, Cameron held the man's bloody hand which was shaking uncontrollably and gave the guy the Gospel!  Cam told me he realized the guy wasn't going anywhere, and God had allowed him to be there, so he took the opportunity to share Christ with him.  What a boy I have :)

spring formal

Megan's mom planned a homeschool formal.  Although neither Megan nor Cameron are homeschooled anymore, they both were able to go and enjoy the event!


We have had many chilly May days.  We've run the wood stove more days than we haven't!  One afternoon Alissa was kind enough to make me an incredibly delicious hot caramel latte.  It hit the spot!

some things....

Some things I just don't want to forget.  Like how sweet my "baby" looks when he's sleeping.  He plays hard all day long and when he sleeps- he sleeps deeply!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

the best surprise ever!

 I can't even say how surprised I was when I heard a car beeping in the driveway, looked out the window, and saw my girl!  Brianna, Erik, and Rose drove the 12 hours here to surprise us with a visit!  It was quick, but the most amazing weekend!

Bri was great at Club Hope- both as a help to Diane as well as incredible with the kids.  Erik was security at the event, but I saw kids with him all the time!

On Sunday after church we went on a hike as it was a beautiful day.  After that we went to Rice's for ice cream.  Bri and I went out in the evening and had sweet time together.  I love her so much!

Of course Micah would never have let her leave without making her famous cinnamon rolls :)

Leah was Brianna's little shadow and everyone enjoyed spending time with Erik.

It was one amazing weekend.....

Monday, April 10, 2017


Last weekend we saw snow, but this weekend was beautiful!  We took advantage of the warm temperatures and sunshine and took a hike.  Megan and Jeremiah joined us after church and we drove the short drive to Peaked Mountain trail.