Saturday, March 25, 2017

missions conference

We were honored to be a part of our church's missions conference this year.  They blessed us incredibly!  The kids had such a great time that Micah actually cried when it was over.  He was sad we have to wait so long til next year!  He got to see Tanner every day!  
We were treated to Golden Corral, Chili's (girls), Chick-fil-A(boys), and the mall's food court for lunches on Wednesday- Friday.  Alissa and I got manis and pedis too!  

Each night we had dinner at church.  We presented to the adults one night and the kids another night.  All of the other times we just got to listen and be encouraged!

On Thursday night we were each given a huge gift bag filled with items personalized to each of us!  It was like Christmas opening those bags.  Our church family was SO generous.

Cameron, Alissa, Jeremiah, and Megan sang one one of the nights.  They were a hit!

On Friday they took us to the mall, gave us money, paired us with a buddy, and let us shop!  Leah and Micah went to Build-A-Bear.  They had never been before!

Matt's birthday

Club Hope for March was on Matt's birthday.  The kids loved the chance to sing Happy Birthday to him and he even got cards from a bunch of them!  

We celebrated as a family the Monday after.  

He is the greatest dad and husband I could ever ask for- maybe even the best in the whole world!  His love for God and also for his family is unmatched.

Here is what Brianna has to say about her dad:
Very seldom does he get the attention he deserves for the hard work he does. We want to give him a shoutout on his BIRTHDAY WEEK! If you ever wondered what a true Jack-of-all-trades is like–it is Matt. His tireless efforts behind the scenes and in the trenches are what the ministry could not function without. I (his daughter, Brianna) have truly never met anyone with a heart as compassionate, generous, or as selfless as he is. I have seen him do everything from dealing with a defiant child at Club Hope,  to cleaning up the spilled sticky juice on a table after an HFK event is over. Dad, without your efforts to win the city of Springfield for Jesus, there would be SO many more children and families without any hope at all. I know I speak for the HFK team when I say we truly couldn’t do this without you–our fearless leader!

spring weather in winter

It was a beautiful day- felt more like April than February!  Validus loved being outside with us.  And Micah and Leah had a blast making their own little playhouse in an empty stall. :)



We made a NH trip to pick up Alissa (who had spent a week with Hannah), drop off Caleb and Drew (who were going to spend a week with their boy cousins), listen to Cameron speak in church on Sunday night, and celebrate both Andrew and Nana's birthdays!  It was wild :)

Rubik's cubes all around!

Nanny and NH girl cousins


It is always a treat to go to NH.  We have amazing family!

Andrew's birthday

Andrew is a teenager.  He has been waiting for this day for a long time!  We went to Five Guys for his food, but he wanted to eat in the van.  We took him out the day before his birthday as we went to NH on his actual birthday and celebrated with his cousins!

Andrew is a fun loving kid- always trying to make people laugh.  He loves basketball and football and spending time with James, Isaiah, Josh, Mark, Anthony, Breshun, and of course his cousins!  He is amazing with the inner city kids and has a huge heart.  Everyone loves him!


The kids had so much fun in the snow this winter!  

more family

Celebrating Christmas with Matt's dad got postponed a couple of times due to sickness.  We finally celebrated in February!