Thursday, May 17, 2018

Jeremiah and Alissa

Alissa has never not known Jeremiah.  He had just turned 3 when she was born.  He wasn't much interested in his best friend's baby sister at the time.  Too busy doing boy things.  By the time Alissa was old enough to walk and talk, she had no time for him.  His sister was her dearest friend and the only reason she wanted to see his family every week as we did for a very long time.

It didn't matter to me.  Every Thursday we'd see the Boulters and I was so glad to spend time with my closest friend that it was just a bonus that our kids got along so well.

When God called Jeremiah to our area to work with Hope for Kids I was excited that Cam would have his best friend close by.  God probably winked. 

February 24, 2018