Wednesday, April 5, 2017

marriage retreat

 Matt texted me one day and asked if I would like to go to a marriage retreat at Word of Life.  I said I'd love to!  When he came home from the office that evening, the reservations were made.

When the weather forecast showed a big storm we weren't sure what we were going to do!  We ended up bringing 5 of the kids to my parents' house on Thursday and then going back home.  Friday morning we left giving ourselves plenty of time to get there if the weather ended up slowing us down.  Most of what we drove through was rain, but by the time we got into the Adirondacks it was coming down as snow.  It snowed all of the rest of Friday and most all of Saturday!  It was actually cozy and fun to be "stuck" at a rustic, beautiful lodge together!

Matt and I have been to the WOL Inn (now known as the Lodge) a few times before, but never for a marriage retreat.  I now would highly recommend that every married couple goes to one!  We have a great marriage anyway, but left feeling like it was about to get way better!  Seeing marriage as a picture of Christ and what He did for us is so counter cultural.  When Matt sacrifices for me- whether I deserve it or not- he is demonstrating what Jesus did for him!  And when I sacrifice for him it is demonstrating the same thing.  There is no record keeping or build up of resentment.  There can't be.  Jesus doesn't keep those records nor does He resent me when I am not treating Him like He deserves to be treated.  Marriage is all about working hard and sacrificing for each other- then there is complete fulfillment and such joy!

One highlight for us was looking at a wall of lighted cabinets showing the time line and story of how Word of Life began.  It was encouraging and challenging for us to see how Jack Wyrtzen had such a heart for God and for people and how he was faithful to not quit, but give it all he had for God.  And the results?  Immeasurable.  We were both challenged to keep going with what God has called US to and not to let obstacles stop us from moving forward.

We also spent an hour or so in the super relaxing and beautiful lobby of the Lodge sitting in front of the fire place reading through a book about Jack Wyrtzen's life.

It was a very special time away and one that we will always remember~

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