Saturday, June 3, 2017

memorial day

This Memorial Day weekend Cameron, Alissa, Caleb, and Andrew all went to NH.  Cam needed to fix his brakes and my dad said he'd help him.  Of course there was the Memorial Day parade in Epping and all the goings on afterwards at the church and the kids were all excited about all of it.

That left Matt and I home with just Leah and Micah.  At one point Matt said, "This is like it was when it was just Brianna and Cameron!"  But he quickly realized that wasn't true.  When Brianna was Leah's age we had 5 kids- not just 2 :)  Either way, it was very different (and quiet!) for us.

On Sunday after the big kids left we went to the park.

After the park we went to a graduation party at church.  It was extra special because Leah and Micah's new friends were there and they loved hanging out with them!  Their friends are missionaries to Indonesia and are home on furlough.  It so happens that Leah and Nadia are one month apart in age and Micah and Quinn are 4 months apart.

The next day, we began the day working in the garden.  We didn't have access to a rototiller this year so my amazing husband worked an area for me where we could plant cucumbers, snap peas, and onions.  That was the hardest spot to work.  Leah, Micah, and I worked on preparing a place for potatoes.  We are keeping it a lot smaller this year!  I had saved potatoes for planting, already had snap pea seeds, and so all we had to do was buy some cucumber and onion plants.

Even though it was on the chilly side, drizzly, and overall gloomy, we had a really nice day!  It was strangely quiet though and my mother's heart felt much better when the big kids got home :)

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