Thursday, November 24, 2016


Validus is becoming more manageable lately as we have tried to be consistent in his training.  Andrew is definitely a favorite of his!  We were really struggling with him and wondering how he was really going to work out as a family dog, but the training has paid off and we are all able to enjoy him so much more.

The burning bushes turned a gorgeous red after the leaves had fallen off the rest of the trees.  They were brilliant when the sun hit them!

Andrew's job is to clean the kitchen after lunch.  He has amazed all of us with his ability to do a super job and with the attention he pays to the details.

Leah- doing her Scripture writing in front of the fire place.  Her "gym bag" is n ever far from her  :)

We have been hit with sickness and poor Leah has been sick the longest.  After a particularly rough early morning, she fell asleep on the couch with her English muffin in hand!

The way we get some of our fruits and veggies in.  Every one of the kids will drink this after it's blended up.  So nutritious!

Cam and Jeb came home for lunch one day, but before I gave them food I asked for their help in balancing an equation in Caleb's chemistry book.  Although I had way more confidence in Jeb's chemistry teacher than I did in Cam's it was actually Cameron who was able to figure out why I couldn't solve it and show me the answer!

After Club Hope.... relaxing.

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