Wednesday, October 18, 2017

psalm 18

It's early morning here and all is quiet.  My coffee mug is now empty and I'm already thinking about getting our food ready for the day.  Banana bread for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch (preheat oven for chicken and start bread), and eggs and pancakes sounds easy for an AWANA night.

But my heart is still processing my time with the Lord.  I read Psalm 18.  I opened my journal as I read and took some notes:

  • strength
  • rock
  • fortress
  • deliverer
  • shield
  • power that saves 
  • place of safety
I prayed, thanking God for being all of those things.  I continued reading.  David's prayer begins to show the circumstances of his life at that time.  It's pretty dire- ropes of death, floods of destruction, the grave, snares of death, distress......

So he prays, cries out to God.  God's response was amazing:
  • heard
  • angry
  • came down
  • flew
  • sped
  • thundered
  • sent out His arrows
I keep reading.
I anticipate God destroying David's enemy-Saul, showing  him Who's boss, leaving David to gloat.  Changing the circumstances so Saul is completely gone, the chase over.

But instead of going to Saul, David's enemy, the one causing the problem, God goes directly to David.
  • took me
  • drew me out of many waters
  • delivered me
  • brought me to a broad place
  • rescued me
  • rewarded me according to my righteousness
It was a plot twist.  But one that shows the heart of God.  He is personal and especially so to those who do what is right (In vs. 20-27 David shares how he has purposely kept God's laws, followed His ways, and stayed blameless.).

My takeaway? 
God might not always change my circumstances.  Bad things do happen; trouble comes. But when I pray, God hears.  He acts.  And He comes.  He will not leave me alone.  God rescued David, kept him from capture and death, showed him he wasn't alone and that he was greatly loved.  He didn't remove Saul.  It wasn't the last time David was on the run or overwhelmed by his circumstances.

God's presence.  His love for me.  It is enough.

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